Adrian Borda is a surreal painter who lives in Reghin, Romania, the city where he was born on Nov. 28, 1978.

This is a peaceful place with no social life, an ideal place to observe the artistic fight inside himself.

He started to take painting seriously when he went to high school, then he graduate fine arts in Iasi.

He is an inner traveler, exploring the mysterious and extremely complex subconscious world.

In his real life as well as in his art, he doesn't care about conventions and the taboos, there are no sacred themes that cannot be touched.

His paintings are deep meditations full of symbols about life and about most intimate tendencies and reactions…not necessarily to create something most people like, but to open a window to haunting images impossible to forget.

He had some personal and group expositions in Romania at Targu-Mures, Iasi, Reghin, and Eindhoven in Netherlands.

Works in private collections all over the world : United States, Hungary, Canada, France, Switzerland, Japan, United Kingdom, Netherland, Belgium, Greece.